The Kirimoko Park
Residents Association

The Kirimoko Park Residents Association (KPRA) covers all lot owners in the Kirimoko Park (KP) subdivision. This is all properties inside Kirimoko Crescent down to and including Kamahi St and it's branches.
It does NOT include properties outside Kirimoko Crescent (Kirimoko Summit, Kirimoko Heights, Clearview etc).
Membership is automatic and mandatory upon purchase of a property in Kirimoko Park.
The association is responsible for ongoing upkeep of KP infrastructure, landscaping, plantings and most importantly, the stormwater system which is unique to KP and outside council responsibility.
Residents are levied to fund this upkeep. Levies are set annually and paid quarterly in advance.

Levy calculation (as at 2021) (incl GST):
   Fixed (admin, accounting etc)           $86.25
+ Variable (gardening, mowing etc)    $0.6670 per m2
+ Long-term (stormwater system)       $0.0575 per m2
(e.g. 800m2 = $86.25 + ($0.6670 + $0.0575) x 800 = $665.85 p.a incl GST)
n.b. please ensure your email address is up to date with KPRA as levy invoices are emailed.

A volunteer committee of residents manages KPRA operations on behalf of all residents.

KPRA Committee

The committee comprises residents appointed at each AGM. They coordinate design approvals, organise landscape, garden and stormwater system maintenance along with liaising with council where necessary.
Additionally they maintain the website, monitor the KPRA email inbox and communicate with residents via occasional newsletters.
Please remember the committee are unpaid volunteers with the same time constraints as you and no more skills than you, so please be considerate and understanding when you have a problem or issue to be resolved.

Kirimoko Park Code

During property or landscape design and construction, the Kirimoko Park Code must be adhered to. It exists to help protect the investment of all who chose to buy a lifestyle in Kirimoko Park and ensures all properties are in keeping with the high quality of the development, both visually and environmentally.
The code provides information as a guide through the design approval process for new dwellings and landscape plans. This ensures adherence to the minimum KP standards.

Code examples:

Supporting Documents

Please access the document library for more detailed information on the Kirimoko Park Code and the Association Rules along with supporting documents such as Change of Ownership form, sub-division plans, consents etc.

Contact Details

For all questions or issues related to KP e.g. levies, design approvals, infrastructure maintenance, gardening, plants, change of ownership etc.

You will also find useful information on this site.