The Kirimoko Park Code

The Kirimoko Park code exists to help protect the investment of all those who chose to buy a lifestyle in Kirimoko Park. Landscape, building and design objectives have been identified to ensure your property along with all others is in keeping with the high quality of the development, both visually and environmentally.

The code provides you with information to help guide you through the design approval process. The approval process is in place to ensure all new dwelling and landscape plans adhere to the minimum standards within Kirimoko Park. This process is not at all onerous and ensures the continued high quality of Kirimoko Park.

“The Kirimoko Park vision is about creating a vibrant, sustainable community where people love to live.”
John May – Developer

The view

Careful planning of each lot ensures protection of your view. Consideration has been given to how future dwellings relate to each other. View shafts are protected through fixed building platforms and maximum height plans.

The future and sustainability

Kirimoko Park has been designed with a committed focus on sustainability. This forward thinking approach is reflected in the specification that each new dwelling incorporates certain sustainable design features, focussing on long term environmental and financial benefits.

The garden

At Kirimoko Park we encourage the use of your garden as an extension of your living space. The layout and design of your garden forms part of the overall look of your dwelling and therefore is taken into consideration in the design approval process. The developer gifts new residents with a native plant package to get planting started.

The Kirimoko Park
Residents Association

The Kirimoko Park Residents Association is made up of all lot owners within Kirimoko Park, this allows all residents to be involved in the ongoing management of their community. Kirimoko Park Residents Association levies are payable for landscape maintenance and hydrology. These levies are set annually for the financial year ending 31st March and are payable in advance.

Residents Association levy amounts:
2014–2015 68.44¢ per m2 + fixed sum $99.76 (e.g. 800m2 = $647.25 p.a)
2015–2016 75.28¢ per m2 + fixed sum $109.7 (e.g. 800m2 = $711.97 p.a)

(Levies are subject to audit and are based upon actual costs incurred. There is a limitation provided by the developer until 31/3/2022 that prevents levies from rising by more than 10% pa. All amounts are inclusive of GST.)

The supporting documents

The above information is a brief summary of selected points from the Kirimoko Park Code and the Kirimoko Park Residents Association Rules. For more detailed information please click below to view pdf files of the KPRA Rules, the Kirimoko Park Code, consent documents and scheme plans.

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